It started as a private correspondence between two makers.

What emerged was a powerful practice for the not-lost art of friendship.

Simple. Just 10 Letters.

WATCH: A conversation with the authors about The 10 Letters Project: A Year of Art and Friendship

On the verge of major milestones two storytellers--author/illustrator Tim Manley and filmmaker Jen Lee--began a modern correspondence that catches the quiet moments, their time in the spotlight and the parts of the journey that fall somewhere in between. It's a project that bears witness and ultimately changes them as they push their personal and artistic boundaries--finding strength and solace in the company of each other.

Coming May 27th: The 10 Letters Project: A Year of Art and Friendship book release on Amazon.

May 30th: Book release party in DC (Tickets here)

Contact: info@10lettersproject.com

Jen Lee is the director and producer of the documentary film, Indie Kindred

Tim Manley is the author and illustrator of Alice in Tumblr-land.